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Anorectal examination and treatment instrument

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Anorectal examination and treatment instrument


Anorectal examination and treatment instrument

Working principle: Anorectal treatment instrument apply the principle of radiofrequency heat dry with nuclear heat, which is designed by the electrolysis constant and conductivity that hemorrhoid tissue in discontinuous capacitance under electric field, and adopted thermal dry nuclear heat principle and high heat principle. During the treatment, tissue fluid will dry in the shortest time, vascular closure in the cutting site will not be carbonated, or bleeding, no damage to the surrounding tissue. After a few days, hemorrhoids necrosis and dropped off by their own.


The set of anorectal treatment instrument contains electric clamp, electric tweezers, electric cut and electrocoagulation function, the hemorrhoids can be clamped. After achieving the purpose of treatment by operating electric clamp, the instrument automatically alarms and stops working. The tissue that is clamped will dry without carbonation. Electric cut function can be applied for the normal tissue incision, tissue burning excision. Electrocoagulation allows the cut tissue to condense. Electric tweezers can make local bleeding vascular occlusion. With all these functions, this is a machine with multipurpose. 

The main technical parameters and features:

1, Camera:

     SNR: ≥48dB Horizontal resolution: 480TVL Video output amplitude: 1.0Vp-P / 75Ω

     Working environment: Temperature -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, Humidity 40% ~ 90%

2, Adapted power range: AC voltage 170 ~ 260V, frequency 47 ~ 63 Hz

3, The output power: During the operation of electric cut, or coagulation, the power can be adjusted from 0 to 99 W, the minimum step unit is 1W.              

during electric clamp, electric tweezers, the power can be adjusted from 15 to 50 W, the minimum step unit is 1W.

4, The working frequency: electric cut, electric clamp, electric tweezers for the 380KHz ± 10%; coagulation time is 250KHz ± 10%.

5, During the operation of electric clamp and electric tweezer, the machine will alarm and stop the output after the lesion drying.


6, The electric clamp surface has a copper protective layer, which can make clamped tissue dry knot without carbonation;

7, The neutral electrode is not connected with automatic protection and alarm.

8, Colorful CCD 420 lines high-definition camera.

9, Colorful graphic reporting system, powerful and easy to operate.

10, Adopt image processing software, image acquisition, amplification, storage, identification, dynamic playback and so on.

11, the number of cases can be stored ≥ 1000000, display resolution 1024 × 768, video image acquisition format 24bit.


Instrument standard configuration:

Host: 1;

Treatment pen: 1;

Camera: 1

Electrode plate: 2;

Treatment head: 1 set (knife-like treatment head, acupuncture treatment head, spherical treatment head, curved treatment head);

Electric clamp: 2;

Electric tweezers: 1;

Electric pliers: 1;

Foot switch: 2;

Ground cord: 1;

Power cord: 1;

Printer: 1

Hardware Configuration:

19 inch LCD monitor;

Intel G41 motherboard,

CPU Celeron 430 dual-core 1.8 × 2,

Memory 2G,

500G high-speed hard drive,

BT878 medical special collection card;

HP color inkjet printer.


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