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WB-3100(AⅢ) Microwave Therapy Apparatus (Digital Type)


WB-3100(AⅢ) Microwave Therapy Apparatus      (Digital Type)

WB-3100(A) Microwave Therapy Apparatus      (Digital Type)

Work Principle

Microwave are very short wavelength of radio waves, which usually include electromagnetic wave with range frequencies between 300MHz – 300GHz (1m to 1mm wavelength). Multifunctional microwave therapeutic apparatus which utilize microwave’s poly thermal effect to irradiate pathological changes of the human body, where the water molecules fever with the microwave field vibration, then accelerating blood circulation and tissue metabolism to promote blood and nerve function recovery. Especially it has a significant effect on inhibition of bacterial growth, anti-inflammatory, swelling. It has a wide range of applications and significant effect. The apparatus has been adopted by many domestic and international medical institutions. It has achieved satisfactory results on the treatment of some diseases.

The microwave frequency of WB-3100 microwave therapy instrument used is 2450MHZ, the operating depth is 3-5cm in the human body. After operating on a part of human body for a certain time, The 5cm of body depth can rise to 40 . It produces high efficient penetrating thermal effect. In addition, its penetration can reach the muscle layer through the fat layer, so the use of microwave energy can activate blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic for a variety of inflammation which has a significant Efficacy. 

Main technical parameters and characteristics

1.Panel with digital display;

2.Physiotherapy function: continuous output

3.Power supply rangeACVoltage 220V±10%   range frequency50Hz±5%

4.Output Power:   Physiotherapy 0-60W, Treatment 0-100W;

5.Time Control:    Treatment0—99 Seconds, to step in 1 second

                  Physiotherapy py0—30 Minutes, to step in 1 minute

It can be adjusted within the range above, and both have alarm sound prompt

6.Microwabe frequency:  2450MHz±50 MHz;

7.Total power:  580W;

8.Radiator standing wave ratio:  S≤3;

9. Transmission line standing wave ratioS≤1.5;

10.Shell Leaks ≤10mw/cm2;

11.No radiation≤10mw/cm2;

12.To ensure safety, it has misuse, overload, temperature control function.

13. Switch controlControlled by the microcomputer, with manual and pedal two control mode.

Instrument Standard Configuration

Trolley Host:  1;

Packing Box  1;

Probe Line (Physiotherapy and treatment):  2 lines;

Physiotherapy Probe2;

Treatment Probe7;

Foot Switch1;

Power Cord1;











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